Brick Artist Nathan Sawaya to showcase his iconic LEGO art at SDCC

Are you currently at Comic-Con? Make sure you don’t miss renowned LEGO brick artist Nathan Sawaya team up with legendary comic book artist Jim Lee for a super hero-inspired art exhibition as part of Darkness & Light: Art Inspired by Heroes & Villains, Hope & Heroism.

The centerpiece of the Darkness & Light exhibition is Jim Lee’s Batman: Justice, a stunning large-scale painting created by Jim Lee exclusively for Darkness & Light which features the profile of Batman in an Africa-inspired color palette of yellow, green, red and black. On Friday, July 13 from 11a.m. to 4p.m at the Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts gallery in San Diego for Comic-Con, Sawaya will be on hand to build a vibrant recreation of Lee’s Batman portrait using standard LEGO bricks.

Sawaya is the foremost contemporary artist working with LEGO bricks as an art medium, with a craft of creating awe-inspiring and large scale sculptures out of LEGO. As part of his support for We Can Be Heroes, he has also created and donated a life-size Catwoman sculpture (as pictured) to the Darkness & Light exhibition. Titled Catalyst, the sculpture is scheduled to tour with the rest of the Darkness & Light collection across the nation. At the end of the exhibition tour, DC Entertainment will auction off the art with all net proceeds going directly to saving lives.

The exhibition and Sawaya’s live art installation are free to the public and a Comic-Con badge is NOT necessary for admission to the gallery. Darkness & Light: Art Inspired by Heroes & Villains, Hope & Heroism is a one-of-a-kind art and education tour benefitting DC Entertainment’s We Can Be Heroes giving campaign to raise awareness and funds for the worst hunger crisis in 60 years in the Horn of Africa. For more information on how to attend the exhibition, check out here.