Join two new Super Heroes in the fight against hunger

Last week you did amazing work  and drove the We Can Be Heroes crowdfunding campaign over the $40,000 mark. And with proceeds going directly to provide relief to the 8 million people still rebuilding their lives as a result of the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa, you’re small (and big) acts have added up to make a huge difference in the world.

This week, two of the Justice League Super Heroes are stepping up to lead the fight: Green Lantern and Green Arrow!

Go check out the crowdfunding page right now. It’s been updated with some amazing new perks you won’t find anywhere else:


  • Arrow Vol. 1 Trade Paperback: Any true fan has to own Arrow Vol 1., the first time Arrow appeared in his own comic. Get your hands on this four-issue, limited series, signed by Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim.
  • Green Lantern Lithograph by Bill Tan: Green goes with just about everything. This 24x 18 Green Lantern Lithograph drawn by Billy Tan will complement any room and look way better than those taped up magazine pages.
  • Early Screening of CW’s Arrow: With the premier of CW’s Arrow: Season Two right around the corner, We Can Be Heroes has a surprise perk just for our fans. Give to fight the hunger crisis and you’ll get the chance to see an episode of Arrow…BEFORE it airs on television.
  • Arrow TV Series Set Visit: Spend the day with the cast of CW’s Arrow. We’ll fly you and a friend (lucky friend!) out to the set, put you up for two nights and take you on a full tour of the Arrow TV set. You’ll meet the cast and crew and see them in action.

—The We Can Be Heroes Team