Mercy Corps Update: Darkness & Light Exhibit opening, campaign results on the ground

Posted by Mercy Corps, a nonprofit partner of the We Can Be Heroes campaign.


Attention Atlanta and New York: The Darkness & Light art exhibition is in Atlanta through August 20 at Phipps Plaza, Monarch Court. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on the final exhibition stop in New York City in the fall. To find out more about the exhibition, click here.


This summer, Mercy Corps hosted the opening of Darkness & Light, a special exhibition raising awareness for the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa and DC Entertainment’s We Can Be Heroes giving campaign. The tour showcases a collection of original artwork inspired by DC Comics’ Justice League characters paired with photographs of the real-life heroes who are fighting hunger in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya.

The exhibit drew hundreds of people to Mercy Corps’ headquarters in Portland to view Jim Lee’s striking painting of Batman against a red, green and yellow backdrop, Lego sculptures of Superman and Green Lantern and striking photographs from Mercy Corps, Save the Children and the International Rescue Committee of the real-life heroes we work with in the Horn of Africa.

We Can Be Heroes Funding Supports Mobile Health Teams in Ethiopia

The We Can Be Heroes campaign is not only attracting new supporters to our work, it’s also generating precious funds as people open their hearts to families in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya.

Mercy Corps’ focus in the Horn of Africa is to save lives today while building long-term solutions to drought and poverty. The funding we receive from the We Can Be Heroes campaign is supporting six mobile health and nutrition teams in Ethiopia, who each week bring help and hope to children in remote villages who are suffering from hunger and malnutrition.

Delivering Food and Lifesaving Information

In the picture shown above, a mother is providing her baby with Plumpy’nut, a highly nutritious peanut butter-like substance perfectly designed to help bring her baby back to health. With funds from the We Can Be Heroes campaign, we’ve treated more than 7,000 children like this one, providing them a chance at a bright and healthy future. The funds have allowed our field teams to deliver more than 215,000 pounds of nutritious food to children and families fighting for survival. While in the villages, we also teach parents about nutrition for their young ones, and how proper hygiene practices – as simple as regular hand washing – can help prevent diseases which put their children further at risk.

The We Can Be Heroes campaign and initiatives like the Darkness and Light exhibit are raising awareness and funds that are literally saving lives. Just $10 can provide a week’s worth of food to a child receiving treatment from a Mercy Corps mobile health clinic, and $100 covers the cost of bringing a malnourished baby back to health. This means so much not only to the people we serve, but also to our teams on the frontlines in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya who are seeing that people truly care.