Even more ways to make a difference

Because of you, we’re more than half-way to our total goal of $125,000  raised to combat the hunger crisis. Over $75,000 raised so far, and there’s no stopping now. To help get us there, we’re introducing even more Green Lantern and Green Arrow perks exclusive to the We Can Be Heroes crowdfunding campaign: Other brand […]

More Ways to Make a Difference with Wonder Woman

We are now halfway through Wonder Woman week over on the We Can Be Heroes crowdfunding page, and we couldn’t be more proudof what you all have raised for our non-profit partners. It’s time to take another look though, because we’ve just added a whole slew of new Wonder Woman perks you absolutely won’t find […]

Join two new Super Heroes in the fight against hunger

Last week you did amazing work  and drove the We Can Be Heroes crowdfunding campaign over the $40,000 mark. And with proceeds going directly to provide relief to the 8 million people still rebuilding their lives as a result of the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa, you’re small (and big) acts have added […]

Our Biggest Crowdfinding Campaign EVER Starts Now

Six weeks full of ways for you to be a hero starts right now. We Can Be Heroes is back with an all-new crowdfunding campaign that’s unlike any of the others that have come before it. For our last crowdfunding campaign of the year we’re going big–and the entire Justice League is coming with us. […]

Heads up, collectors: don’t miss this

There are a couple pieces that no true collector can go without. Fortunately, We Can Be Heroes has you covered this week with a few new perks you’re definitely going to want to add to your collection.  A critical part of any collection, from The New 52: Batman/Superman #1, signed and numbered by artist Jae […]

You Don’t Need X-Ray Vision to See How You Can Help

We’re back with new stuff! This time Superman is leading the charge. Join forces with the Man of Steel and the Justice League to fight the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa–and get exclusive Superman stuff along the way. Take the hunger crisis head on >

More than $150,000 raised in just over a month

Wow. You all are amazing. Our first crowdfunding campaign is over. In just a little over a month, you donated over $150,000 to our nonprofit partners – Mercy Corps, Save the Children and International Rescue Committee. You tripled our original goal of $50,000 in just three days. Check out this amazing map showing the cities […]

Thank You from Geoff Johns

A Thank You from Geoff Johns

With only a few days left in our first We Can Be Heroes crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, we wanted to say thank you. Thank you for your support, for your donations, for your comments and inspiring messages. But someone else wanted to say thank you too. Geoff Johns took a break from his busy schedule […]

Turn Your Hometown into Hollywood

There are really no words. You guys continue to amaze us.  Every time we post new perks you guys snap them up. Hundreds of you have donated and selected some of our unlimited perks, like the exclusive Jim Lee t-shirt. Your donations are helping thousands of men, women and children in the Horn of Africa. […]

You’ve done it again

We set a goal of $50,000, but that wasn’t enough for you. So we challenged you to reach $100,000. We challenged you to provide enough food and lifesaving medicine for an additional 3,000 families, to ensure an additional 200 malnourished children could be nursed back to health and to put a mobile health unit on […]