Our Biggest Crowdfinding Campaign EVER Starts Now

Six weeks full of ways for you to be a hero starts right now. We Can Be Heroes is back with an all-new crowdfunding campaign that’s unlike any of the others that have come before it. For our last crowdfunding campaign of the year we’re going big–and the entire Justice League is coming with us.

The perks available on our crowdfunding page are going to change every single week, so you’re going to have to act fast. Make sure you donate to snap up what you want because we’re spotlighting different heroes–and different perks–every single week.

This means more limited edition and exclusive superhero stuff. It means more reasons to donate. It means more ways to be a hero.


Just as before, all net proceeds from the crowdfunding campaign go directly to our three non-profit partners: Save the Children, IRC, and Mercy Corps. They’re doing the incredible challenging work on the ground in the Horn of Africa to bring relief to people suffering from the effects of the worst hunger crisis in more than 60 years. That’s what this is all about–channeling your inner hero to make a real difference for people who are suffering. Every dollar we raise counts, and we’ll be telling you more about that in the weeks ahead.

Right now, head to our crowdfunding page and check out the range of amazing perks available there, from a Forever Evil Lithograph from David Finch, to Injustice: Gods Among Us Hardcover to an exclusive New York Comic Con Experience.