Save The Children Assists 3.4 million People in Horn of Africa with help from We Can Be Heroes; Millions Remain in Need

STC blog post imageSave the Children is one of DC Entertainment’s We Can Be Heroes campaign’s three nonprofit partners, working on the ground in the Horn of Africa to combat the effects of the worst drought the region has seen in 60 years.

In August, Save the Children assessed progress over the past six months. Your donations to We Can Be Heroes are going a long way: Save the Children reports that as of July 2012, through donations from We Can Be Heroes and others, over 3.4 million children and adults in the Horn of Africa have received life-saving and life-sustaining aid. Below are some examples of the benefits our campaign is helping to provide:

  • The UN’s Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit estimates that the number of people facing malnutrition in Somalia has decreased from 750,000 to 250,000.
  • 98,700 people have benefited from Save the Children shelter programs in East Africa.
  • Over 7,100 tons of food has been distributed to 184,100 people in Ethiopia in recent months.
  • At the Helaweyn camp in Ethiopia, Save The Children recently reunited 17 children with parents or extended family members.
  • In Somalia, Save the Children has procured some 2,800 veterinary drug kits to treat families’ livestock herds.
  • Over 1,000  children continue to participate in activities organized at Save the Children Child Friendly Spaces in Bosasso and Garowe.
  • Midwives trained by Save the Children assisted in 92 deliveries in a single month.

Yet while many positive developments have occurred, millions of people in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia remain in need. The expected rains in mid-2012 began late and didn’t fall where they were most needed. Crisis conditions persist in many places, with access to food, safe water and medical care representing major challenges to children’s lives and well-being. Some 606,000  Somali refugees are in unsanitary, overcrowded temporary camps in Ethiopia and Kenya.

Save the Children continues to provide aid and address urgent needs while also working to build the resiliency of families and communities to cope with crisis conditions and to ease their dependency on international aid agencies for food and water.  Your support of the We Can Be Heroes campaign is vital in keeping Save the Children by the side of the region’s neediest children and families. Here’s how you can help:

  • Donate to We Can Be Heroes – $25 provides purification supplies for clean water for 3 families of 6 for a month.
  • Spread the word about the We Can Be Heroes campaign with friends and family. Join the Justice League today in shedding light on the crisis in the Horn of Africa by posting about the We Can Be Heroes campaign on Facebook and Twitter.