Turn Your Hometown into Hollywood

There are really no words. You guys continue to amaze us.  Every time we post new perks you guys snap them up. Hundreds of you have donated and selected some of our unlimited perks, like the exclusive Jim Lee t-shirt. Your donations are helping thousands of men, women and children in the Horn of Africa.

So to thank you, we have an extra surprise that may just be the most extraordinary perk yet.


Man of Steel opens nationwide June 14th, but one superfan, plus 100 of their friends, will be seeing a private screening before the rest of the country. Just image how popular you would be.

So get together. Raise the money. Make it happen. When you do, we’ll turn your hometown into Hollywood.

For more details on Man of Steel and all of our other amazing perks (cough Batman/Superman #1) head on over to our Indiegogo campaign: http://igg.me/at/wecanbeheroes.