You’ve done it again

We set a goal of $50,000, but that wasn’t enough for you. So we challenged you to reach $100,000. We challenged you to provide enough food and lifesaving medicine for an additional 3,000 families, to ensure an additional 200 malnourished children could be nursed back to health and to put a mobile health unit on the ground in remote Ethiopia.


And you didit all. Together with the rest of the DC Entertainment community you’ve raised over $100,000. Not that we should be totally surprised – DC fans are the best.

This week we are unveiling the Jim Lee designed t-shirt that 200 of you have already bought! Available exclusively through the We Can Be Heroes campaign the shirt features two of our favorite heroes, Superman and Batman, brought to life by Jim Lee.

Make sure to order yours today with a gift to We Can Be Heroes. We may have an unlimited quantity now, but after this campaign ends on May 10th they go back into the vault.